The Black Donnellys, two Irish immigrant musicians, embark on a quest to set a Guinness World Record playing 60 shows in ALL 50 states in just 40 days! Racing against the clock, they examine the pursuit of the American Dream from an immigrant's perspective and how music connects us all. Will they make it? 




An Irish Story: This is My Home is a documentary feature film following The Black Donnellys in their pursuit of the American Dream and adventure to set a Guinness World Record, playing 60 shows in all 50 US states in just 40 days.

Along the way, we focused our conversations with people across the United States, what the 'American Dream' means from an immigrant's perspective, and how music connects people in their travels.

Get ready for an emotional ride that tours America in record time. Laughter, original music and heart fill this film from start to finish. Take a dive into Irish history and how immigrants today are making America a better place. It will leave you wanting more!


An Irish Story: This is My Home features the band members of The Black Donnellys, Dave Rooney and Dave Browne. Look out for appearances in the film from notable figures and celebrities, including Spanish-American chef José Andrés.

Directed by Karl Nickoley and produced by Frequency Pictures, An Irish Story: This is My Home touches on the positive impact that immigrants make to America in culture and economic prosperity.



Karl Nickoley, director of “This is My Home,” is far from a newcomer to the documentary and filmmaking worlds. For over a decade, he’s produced dozens of commercials, music videos, short films, feature films and immersive video and film. With deep experience in producing and financing, his company, Frequency Pictures, has been able to build up an impressive client list in a short time, while at the same time, initiating and funding Nickoley’s independent directorial projects.

A Las Vegas-based creator, Nickoley has worked with clients across the country, taking on challenging projects and newer technologies, such as the 360 video experience he directed for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. He’s worked with top clients, including AT&T, Ford, AMC, Gieco, AMC Network and Dr. Pepper, and has been recognized at numerous film festivals around the world, where his productions have received several “audience choice” awards. One client remarked, "If you are a marketer looking for someone to deliver a product that will impress—Karl is your guy". Another lauded his quality and engaging content. 

It’s Nickoley’s breadth of experience, he believes, that makes him a “producer’s director,” able to balance the requirements to craft an effective story with the pragmatism required under many circumstances. He works to create exceptional work, even under physical or budgetary limitations. He’s managed everything from small intimite productions to multi-million dollar productions and brought them in on time and on budget. He was clearly prepared for his next, and perhaps greatest challenge. 

“This is My Home” is Nickoley’s most ambitious film to date, with a myriad of challenges that would give any filmmaker pause. The documentary required shooting in all fifty states, interviewing over eighty subjects, and coordinating a production that demanded the director and his crew to cover thousands of miles in less than two months. Once again, Nickoley saw the project through to a successful finish. 

Karl graduated with honors from the Los Angeles Film School, and received a certification from Pepperdine University. He’s been producing and directing for eleven years. 

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